New York Sounds: American Museum of Natural History

Recently my girlfriend and I were in New York to visit her sister.
I brought my Rode NT4, Rode Blimp and my Marantz PMD-661 audio recorder to record some sounds from this big city.
The result was not as successful as I had hoped.
It was quite a hassle to carry around the Rode Blimp with the NT4 in it. So quite a few days, I just took the PMD-661 with me and left the NT4 at home. This resulted in poorer lo-fi field recordings that I am not so satisfied with.

But I managed to do some nice recordings and I will post some of the highlights here on the blog over the next few days.

First up is some ambience from the American Museum of Natural History.
I made this recording with the internal microphones of the PMD-661 in the Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs.
I really liked the reverb in the exhibition hall and I think the 661 managed to capture the atmosphere relatively fine in this recording.

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