Anders Walldén/Jurko Haltuu

Cancer Split

Released: February 28th, 2013


Cassette, C54, Limited to 30 hand numbered copies.

Length: Side A 26:04 Side B 26:55


Cancer Split is a cassette split between Anders Walldén and
Jurko Haltuu.
Where they, with a mix of field recordings, ambience,
fragile piano loops, drone and noise
have made their interpretations of cancer.

The release is limited to 30 hand numbered copies
(10 red, 10 purple, 10 blue), everyone with a unique cover photo made of diapositives from the late 80´s.

All sounds recorded, composed, processed and mastered by
Anders Walldén and Jurko Haltuu in Malmö January 2012-October 2012.