The summer is coming to an end.

This have been a wounderful hot sunny summer. I have been vacant for nine weeks and have had time to rest, swim in the ocean, drinking beer, hangin’ out in the woods, do some traveling and work with my music and the lable.
On Monday its back to work and Im not super excited about that:-/.

Today I arrived home from a week hiking in th swedish mountins. The landscape and silence up in the north is very relaxing and inspiering and it has been a great week.




I have also visited three festivals this summer Psykjunta, the Norbergfestival and the Maglehemfestival.
At the Norbergfestival I saw some really good acts and it was fun to meet Varg (coming up with two new releases on Funeral Fog this fall/winter one solo and one new DÅRFDHS cassette) and some of the guys from Spekta (played at the festival as S100) (Which is going to release a cassette with some wonderful dubtechno on Funeral Fog later this year.) for the first time and make up som awesome plans for the future.

I also teamed up with Benjamin Syra here in Malmö and made some tape/vinyl trading and talked about his future release on Funeral Fog that is going to be a deep acid trip with some great artwork.

At the Maglehemfestival I played a liveset only using tabletop guitar for the first time. It was interesting and it sounded better than I thought it would. Im really inspired to do some more experiments with it.


Up next on Funeral Fog is a tripel (one split and two solo cassettes) HNW/Power Electronincs releases from the Swedish artists Anatomiteatern and Nils Dacke. That I hope to release in the begining of September. Its going to blow your ears and minds out;-)

Stay tuned! It is an exciting autumn approaching…

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