The Varg/Jurko Haltuu split finally released!


Now it is finally finished. The split between me and Varg that has been planned since last fall is now released.

It eventually became a C60 cassette in which Varg offers six very fine analog abstract acid tunes and I (surprisingly enough:-) a 24 minute long slow changing droneloop.

Varg’s tracks has been complited for a few months but it has taken a long time for me to complete my side of the split.
There have been many hours producing loops that only ended up in the trash before I pulled myself together and made ​​a pretty simple yet complex loop. It was recorded in one take in my studio on June 29 using a Eventide Space, some overdrive and freeze pedals conected to the computer. I also added a lo-fi recording from an autumn storm recorded in my apartment last year that I’ve wanted to get into any production for a long time and now saw the opportunity to record it on tape.

The cassette is released in 40 hand-numbered copies and comes in a cardboard sleeve with info sheet and four small trading cards.


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